ordinary me
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By: mohsein shariff

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Thursday, 25-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
what if they were..

miss the smoke.
hope and wish
beg for mercy
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i'm still working on my b&w. Had a few shots days ago more or less on a single roll but still b&w is rather alien to me. How am I going to think in mono with all the surroundings are full in colours?! hmm..

well, i guess the easier way to learn is by converting some of my colour *images to monocrome.
I know this sounds 'where's the originality.." but hello! I'm learning here...
my apologies for doing this but let me share some of my colour pics with you and see whether they are somehow more enduring in mono.. Hoping i could learn from them as well.

*most of the images already published in the fotopages

Monday, 15-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
nature best

lotus for you.
di celah2 kayu itu..
susur daun
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It hit me hard trying to finish up my film roll.
pardon me, but i'm not the kind of guy who could snap shot anything and turn it into something worth-seeing.
i wasnt born with such talent...

however.. when your lucky star is bright.. u might end up with something really really beautiful
call it my day, (and credits to my beloved as well for her company and ideas)
my 'finish-up roll' quest in Shah Alam proved it all..
thank you my dear..

Monday, 18-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
ulu tembeling.

bot panjang ini.
para exploracer
oh boy! we almost sunk once you stepped in, mom
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It is not just over for me after Beijing, instead i was indulged with another vacation..
this time, it is a 'cuti cuti malaysia ikut bapa'

Though it wasnt much fun altogether.. ( coz this time i cant lead, only follow instructions. yikes!) but i did enjoy the bot panjang trip across Sg Tembeling et al.

It would hv been great if we stayed another night at taman negara and hd a close-watch of the deers, tigers and co. or even experienced the ever-cool canopy walk on a bridge 45 metres high and 450 metres long. Indeed, we were happier to be greeted by kampung ppls in ulu tembeling. A three hours boat trip along Sg tembeling and we were most welcomed by a kenduri organised by them. Pardon me, but the kerbau masak kicap and sayur pucuk paku were really as appetizing as any KL cookings.

Though these kampung guys may not live as comfort as some of us.. but there were pure hapiness and honour for them in providing us with such reception and i was glad for making this trip and really2 saluted them for their kindness and hospitality.

orang kampung boleh!...

Tuesday, 28-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
beijing part 4

china twin towers?
acrobatic show
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We decided to devote our final days in Beijing for shopping, shopping and shopping!
Well, this is when I witnessed how my mom’s eyes gone sparkling...

All this while she’s the one who’d complaint about anything and sorts but now suddenly she became wonder woman! Huh… ladies out there! Please admit, my mom has been hypnotised by the power of shopping…

But actually I did find shopping in Beijing, interesting. The idea was you bargained for a price as low as you could get and later settled with a more tolerable price. This is when/where salesgirls played all the tactics in order to get your attention and best prices.

“What’s your best price?!” “Joking Price!!” “Come on, little bit higher!” “No, no, no... you crazy!!” “OK, OK, Give me your final price” can be overheard all through the stalls and marketplace. It’s kind of an art...an art of trading. heh.
And obviously there would be only one winner either you or the adorable salesgirl...

Friday, 24-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
today... 26 years ago

amsterdam dudes
m'sian in euros
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for those who yet to wish me any.. yess! i'm the birthday boy/guy..
happy birthday, me!

how days hv gone by and today, 'me' a year older..
and with any luck, one year wiser too!

and this posting is about my quest of finding me..

to the ppl who always put their faith in me.
thank you for believing..
am grateful to hv such friend as you..

and to my beloved parents
thank you for making who i am today..

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