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By: mohsein shariff

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Wednesday, 14-Jun-2006 16:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
rice energy? naah..i'm not kidding

Government had granted 12% average tarriff hike for Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB).
The decision has been enforced starting 1st June 2006 and would affect 41% of TNB’s 6.2 million consumers.

Please note that users will be subjected to the new rates only if they rack up monthly bills exceeding
RM200. (how many of us fall in this category? a. 90% b. 50% c. 11% d. None )

As consumers, we never made any complaint but we expect TNB to deliver right from the beginning.
Stop the yadaa yadaa yadaa talking la dey!!

electricity hike for the future

to light up this...

Tuesday, 23-May-2006 15:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark
10 years and we still remain brothers.

alma mater
sengonok kemain!
never was an athlete
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when we left college 10 years ago,
never we imagined what will happen 10 years later.
the memories of us never depart but sometimes.. it did fade away
nonetheless, every of us still anticipate to be reunited once again
like those old days, to reignite those lost memories.

after 10 years 'being apart'.
that very day did come along when we received an invitation.
"a reunion get together"
and Cherating was the choice venue .

some was very different... (i mean macho!) ..
a few brought along their small family. some even remain the same as 10 years ago..
never ever a glitch of silence...everybody was in happy mode.
"Hi's and hello" exchanged.. Photographs taken! Memories reminisced while moan and laughter could be heard everywhere.

we had a great time. we organised bbq dinner and telematches. it was never enough to remember everything.
it was even harder to fill those empty slot so time couldnt run away..
It was really tight and hectic!
and eventhough time never was on our side, we tried our best to make it the best get together.

10 years has past, we became stronger in person..
the reunion made us decide to start something new and fresh. A change for the better.
Leaders appointed to steer forward. Ideas shared to initiate interest.. things look positive from here..

and the final day came upon..
as i stood and saw everybody left for home,
i can barely see tears like 10 years ago..
only sweet smile this time..
coz deep in our hearts we know, after 10 years - we still remain brothers..

baekk punya

kasih ayah

loving couple

Wednesday, 3-May-2006 12:31 Email | Share | | Bookmark
i'm back... with my 1st food photography entry

resipi kayu manis
roti2 pembuka selera
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Inspired by the work of Mr Ezdy on tarts, strawberry, cherries etc. This should be my 1st entry on such subject. Pardon me for taking another dooze of time... commitment, server down, excess works, reason! reason! reason!....
but hey, dont bother me, what more important are the 'selections',rite?!

My gratitute also for fellow friends, toney and kich for giving tips and helped me to 'tighten' up my selections. I hope this entry would catch some 'starving' stomach outthere..

p/s: These food presentations are prepared by a renowned chef - Chef Kamarul "makan apa bos?".
All the recipe were prepared using beras ponni Pelita Masoori, a new variety of rice product in the
market. For more details. Please contact our ground staff at 04-537 4951,

Saturday, 1-Apr-2006 17:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A trip to the farm

kaki Dinosaur?
hello there!
love is in the air
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to those who are keen for my updates,
i am sorry for the long silence and hey, thanks for keep reminding me to update...
walla, it's hell of tight schedules which i didnt manage to slip thru..
here is my new entry!
yup, this isnt any trick on the 1st day of April

Tuesday, 7-Mar-2006 17:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
my sets of sunrise.

credit to zaini
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These sets of 'sunrise' were my captures during the recent "from dusk till dawn" outings w mr rawkers and mr azli except from the one and only which credit should go to zainileng, the crime partner! heh

p/s: after much consideration, i hv added the current postings with another 'sets of sunrise' that might give the comparison as per suggestions by my fellow photobloggers..
see whether these sets will make a better impact!

alone 1

alone 1

bercanda di pasiran pantai

azli a

azli b

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