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By: mohsein shariff

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Tuesday, 29-Aug-2006 03:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark
'merdeka' semusim lagi..

musim merdeka datang lagi.
untuk kali ke empat puluh sembilan kali..
paluan gendang gah hebat berbunyi.
ibarat meyambut bangunnya tidur 'sang puteri'..
yang sudah semusim beradu menyepi diri..

di bumi bertuah Malaysia ini..
jatuh bangun pertiwi dipasak bangsanya sendiri.
pejuang nan lalu tak pernah mengenal sebarang erti.
demi mempertahankan kedaulatan jati diri.
berjuang kerana kesinambungan anak cucu sendiri
yang kemudian diharap bakal mengganti, mengisi.

anak cucu terus leka begini.. bersenda loka syok sendiri.
bergembira, bersuka, merempit sampai dinihari
seronoknya bagai dibuai indah nian mimpi..
hidup ibarat putera puteri dari petang hinggalah ke pagi
Impian keramat mengisi kemerdekaan menjadi omong kosong!
hanya tinggal janji..

sampai bilakah anak cucu akan terus begini?!
renunglah, fikirlah
aduhai anak bangsaku sendiri...

moqq - 29/08/2006

freedom - being out of cage?!

Is open burning a grace act of liberty?

Having one's smoke, does it reflect one owns freedom?

Wednesday, 16-Aug-2006 11:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My 'delayed' flight finally arrived...

it's a bird
it's a plane
it's a singapore airline
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my flight delayed almost 19 minutes on Sunday evening. I had no idea why, possibly due to high security alerts these days… even the smallest bag had to undergo a very thorough checking.
my tripod had been tagged “safe” before it was permitted to ‘fly’…
man, what had happened to our wonderful world!?

at the arrival hall, Mr. Boney waited patiently not knowing what I went through.
perhaps he was so keen to exploit my new ‘toy’ and tripod for his latest FP entry… again I had no idea…

Mr. Boney suggested for some shoots of the sky. Hmm, that sounds interesting since we were already at the airport. The only laidback was the sky. It was clear but kind of hazy…
“never mind, let’s go! even our timing was good for sunset shots.” cried Mr. Boney in persuading me.

and we made our way in view of the runway, hoping to catch some flights glimpses. From a far, a few flights flew down passed us. We managed to find the right spot. Mr. Boney took control of the tripod.
I equipped myself with my new ‘toy’. Distance was never an issue for us since we got the right gear…

I had a quick look at my watch. It was not even pass 7 pm yet.
“yeah rite, Mr. Boney. It’s really enough time for sunset!” , I mumbled.

we end up staying till late...

Tuesday, 1-Aug-2006 07:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Halatuju industri ruminan di Tasek Gelugor :)

boer breed from south africa
milk, anyone?!
feedlot system
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Pardon me for the title...
This entry wraps my recent trip to a number of ruminant farms based in Tasek Gelugor.
Okay... before I let everyone confused with what's all about? Let me explain further...
ruminant is defined as any cud-chewing hoofed mammal with an even number of toes and a stomach with multiple chambers (re: Encarta Dictionary) i.e. ruminant covers cattle, camels, giraffes etc.
In my case... it covers cows, goats and buffaloes so basically I went to visit those farmhouses lah!

Organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro based industry, this working trip was meant to overview the directions of ruminant industry in that area. In summary, there were 9000 cattle being slaughtered annually in Penang to cater the market. In order to accommodate the demand of beef/mutton nationwide and to reduce imported beef/mutton, a more commercialise and integrated ruminant industry has been developed. MOA through Veterinary Dept. is committed to provide services and consultations in developing such industry and encouraging new entrepreneurs to participate.
jadi ape lagi!! Marilah beramai menjadi peternak lembu dan kambing

Certainly, it was an experience altogether seeing those "lembu2”, "kerbau2" and "kambing2" and I tribute some images for yours viewing, enjoice!

ps: The idea is from me but credits should go to my beloved, milla for a job well done!
pps: Got milk? is a registered trademark of The National Milk Mustache "got milk?" campaign in the US – a multi-faceted consumer education effort that reaches different audiences in a variety of ways.
I only associated my image in support of that campaign. For further information do visit their website @ http://www.whymilk.com/


Wednesday, 19-Jul-2006 13:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
a wedding, from a friend point of view..

tunggu sape bang?
tunggu akak nih huh..
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dear adiq and ayu,
who by now not anymore a 'newly-wed' couple,

Pardon me for taking much time to publish my set images of yours.
i'm honouring your official photographer, Mr Saluddin to publish his set first
@ http://creative.fotopages.com/?entry=833931&back
indeed for his expertise in this kind of shots (i mean wedding shots) i think he managed to capture both of you very well.

Herewith my collections of yours.
Well, apart from that very nice (vintage) set pinggan mangkuk, this would be another gift from me and the rest of us who made it to 5 kedai..
Thank you for inviting us to share your hapiness.

best rgds,
your first bedmate.

Tuesday, 27-Jun-2006 11:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
People - when leader made some time.

he emerges...
he greets...
he smiles...
It's time to cool a bit off after the last entry..
we somehow have to admit, the recent price hike involving electricity, fuel, sugar etc. are part of the effect from crude oil price.
The government had made stern move to battle the hike by reducing subsidy
and as a citizen who "voted" for this government, we hv to obliged on whatever decision government made.

Our PM had put in the news today " i have a job to do." (re: Star Front Page)
meaning he is 100% focus in delivering promises and his priority would be the implementation of projects under the 9th Malaysian Plan. We really hope Pak Lah is true to his word..
now, let us wait and see..

p/s: i find myself very critical nowadays, why ahh??

and he also listen...

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